Maui Custom Tours provides totally private, totally custom tours of Maui. It is a sister site to Guides of Maui. It is a flash site - full of wonderful slideshows of Maui.

Guides of Maui is a sister site to Maui Custom Tours. It is a text based site - chock full of information about Maui.

Robie Price Photography

Robie is an amazing photographer. Even if you're not having a wedding, you should see his work - it's truly beautiful!

This site is home to the many talents of a wonderful young woman, Judi Riley. Judi has written and illustrated a series of children's book about each island in the Hawaiian chain. These books are delightful and sure to please any young people your life.

Harlequine, Black & Merle Great Danes. A wonderful breed - a wonderful breeder - Judi Riley.