About Kathy

The Early Years:
Kathy grew up in a military family; her father was in the Air Force, which resulted in numerous moves both within the U.S. and abroad. Her father retired from the Air Force and entered the Aero-Space Industry, moving the family to what would become known as Silicon Valley where she finished high school and attended college. Kathy married young, had two daughters and divorced when her girls were 2 & 4 years old. At that time, she was a Store Manager at a new young company, The Gap. Two years later, she met a young musician, Steve Sargenti. With his support, she was able to fulfill a life-long dream of becoming a singer and quit her job at The Gap. They traveled and performed together, primarily playing ski resorts in Colorado & Wyoming.

A Move to Maui:
In the 70's, Steve & Kathy moved to Maui, bought a house, got a regular gig at Kaanapali Beach on Maui and instead of having to travel to new audiences every week or so, the new audiences came to them! It was a wonderful time in Maui with Lahaina clubs filled with music day and night and celebrity musicians sitting in with the local musicians on a regular basis. It was during this time that Steve & Kathy were approached about recording an album and they made arrangements to temporarily move back to the Mainland for the recording sessions.

Back to the Mainland:
While on the Mainland, a fairly deep recession hit and they heard from their Maui friends that gigs were getting hard to come by. Instead of investing the recording funds into sessions, they invested in recording equipment and opened a small recording studio. They worked on their recordings and gigged at night. The recession deepened and gigs began to be difficult to come by in the SF Bay Area, as well. Kathy went back to work in the corporate world, finding work in Human Resources in Silicon Valley Hi Tech firms. They remained in Silicon Valley for the next 10 years, Steve playing music, Kathy working in Human Resources and their girls finishing up high school.

Computers & Corporate Life:
This period was a period of incredible growth for Kathy. She became known for her expertise in computers, including a wide range of software applications, database management, training, as well as developing her supervisory & management skills. Her job performance was regularly rewarded with raises and promotions. At the end of 1988, she held a title of Human Resource Manager and was regularly sought out to provide training & consulting for various Fortune 500 companies in the Bay Area. Nonetheless, both Steve & Kathy missed Maui and talked often of returning there.

Thank God - It's Back to Maui:
In February 1989, Kathy decided to give up the financial rewards of Silicon Valley and they returned to Maui. Kathy went back to performing with Steve, as well as running their audio recording studio. For a while, life was like heaven on earth: both daughters moved to Maui, as well as their two young grandsons. This was also a very productive period for both Steve & Kathy; they completed a number of CDs and developed a reputation as solid entertainers who could handle any type of gig. Kathy also developed a reputation as a solid recording engineer and graphic & web designer. She was considered a "Computer Guru" by many Maui musicians and often walked someone through their computer emergency over the phone.

The Effects of 9/11 on Maui:
We're all of us too familiar with the terrible events of 9/11. Its effects were felt world-wide, so it shouldn't have been a surprise that it would affect Maui tourism. However, its effects were felt much quicker and harder than any of us expected. Tourism dropped off immediately, and within that same week, jobs dried up and were gone! Places that had hired duos, trios and bands were now hiring solos, if they continued music at all. Steve & Kathy had to both work solo, which Kathy did not enjoy. During this time, she was called to temporarily help out at a medical office. At the end of two weeks, she was asked to stay on as Office Manager. She stayed on for two years, helped the owner sell the practice and then was off to the next phase of her life.

Parenthood Again?
At this point in our lives, our daughters & grandsons were all living back on the Mainland. We had bought a second house and rented out our old one. However, being landlords didn't pan out the way we hoped, so we decided to sell the old house. Steve stopped by to inform our renter and found two young children home alone with no supervision in what appeared to be a pretty dangerous situation. Thus began our journey into foster parenting for a sister and brother who were both younger than our grandchildren. Times had changed considerably since our children were in school and these children had multiple disabilities & learning differences, so began the steep learning curve of IEP's and becoming a strong advocate for the children to make sure the needs of these children were met. Eventually, we became the Legal Guardians for these children. While taking on the main responsibility for the children, Kathy built up her home-based business as a Graphic/Web Designer gaining expertise with the Adobe Creative Suite software programs.

A New Life for Kathy
I think it was Lucy from the Peanuts comic strip that said: "Life speeds up when you're on your way downhill" and on Kathy's 60th birthday, she couldn't believe how quickly the years had passed. Her mother had died 10 years earlier and though she had vowed to spend more time with her father, siblings, her children & grandchildren, she hadn't spent nearly as much time with them all as she wanted. Steve & Kathy had found that they were no longer following the same path, sharing the same dreams and so they decided to end their 35 year marriage in order to follow the individual paths. Kathy's path led her back to the Mainland, first to Eau Claire, WI with her eldest daughter and later - on to Reno, NV to work with her sister, Cindy, as a partner at their business, Cosmetic Aesthetics Laser Salon.