I believe one of my main strengths is flexibility in working with clients. I have created sites from nothing, creating the photos, graphics & writing the text. I have also created sites usings photos, graphics & text provided entirely by the client. I'm very comfortable working either way or any combination of the two.

Regarding maintenance, some clients hire me as web master to maintain & update their site. Other clients hire me to teach them to maintain & update their own web sites.

My interest is to meet my clients needs, whether that be saving time or money. Click on the icon to the left to see examples of some of my web site work.

I came to graphics through our music - creating posters, cassette & CD artwork and advertisements to promote ourselves. Over the years, many musicians have sought me out to do their graphics work and at this point I've been doing graphics for over 20 years. As a musician, I understand an artist's desire to see HIS creativity come to life. While I create in my own right, I've been told that my ability to sit and work with clients to get their visions in print is especially appreciated. Click on the icon to the left to see a examples of a variety of graphics projects.

One of the things I enjoy doing more than anything in the world is working with photographs. I've enjoyed photography for many years, but with the advent of scanners, digital cameras and PhotoShop - I've become totally engrossed in photo retouching, restoration & creating stunning art from photographs. The pleasure that I'm able to bring to clients' eyes when they see a favorite photo restored, retouched or made into a piece of art is SO satisfying. Click on the icon to the left to see examples of Restorations, Retouchings and Photo Art Work.

Because of my interest in graphics & photography, I wanted the ability to print giclees. I purchased an Epson 9800 UltraChrome Printer which makes amazing prints. In addition to printing my own work, I provide print services for photographers and artists who need giclees of their work. Click on the icon to the left to learn more about Epsons's Ultra Giclee prints.

Web, Graphics Arts & Photography