Yo Yo
When Everything Falls Apart

The Zone

You know what it feels like to be there
Though it doesn’t happen every day
That feeling of absolute surrender
When the rest of the world falls away

It’s that instant when everything glides into place
In total tranquility
Effortless movement, the moment is timeless
As time simply ceases to be

When you drop into the zone
There’s a clarity of mind and spirit
And knowing that we’re more than blood and bone
A wordless voice, yet we hear it
Saying, “this moment is all we really own”
This moment in the zone

Why is it so hard to hold on to?
Why do we always look ahead or behind?
Who knows if we stayed in this moment
What peace that we might find

In that place in time that’s both constant and changing
Filled with infinite possibility
I don’t have any answers to these questions
I only know that’s where I want to be

(and knowing that we’re not alone)

©2006 Sea Legs Music (BMI) All Rights Reserved