Yo Yo
When Everything Falls Apart

Wake Up Dead

Good Lord, what a lump on your head
And just look at that eye
You and your friends have been out fighting again
Don’t bother trying to lie

Why would you wanna go and hurt somebody
What you think you’re gonna to prove
You say they don’t belong around here
Where you think they’re gonna move

Oh child, who put those thoughts in your head?
One of these mornings you’re gonna wake up dead.
One of these mornings you’re gonna wake up dead.

Just take a look around here
And tell me what you see
Everybody’s in the same boat
Nothing but poverty

You think you’re gonna buy your way out
By dealing to all your friends
You’re heading down a dark highway
I know where that road ends


Don’t’ be a fool for money
Don’t let hate run your life
You never need something so badly
That you gotta use a gun or a knife

You got a head on top of your shoulders
You got 2 legs and a pair of arms
Put your mind & body to work
Before you do yourself some harm

©2006 Sea Legs Music (BMI) All Rights Reserved