Yo Yo
When Everything Falls Apart

Chasing the Rainbow's End

Pick me a winner, I’m long over due
If it’s over a million, I’ll split it with you
And I got a feeling today’s my lucky day

Here’s my money, now give me my ticket
I know it’s a bad habit, but I just can’t kick it
Hell, I think you print these things up yourself anyway

A spin of the wheel, a roll of the dice
A ticket out of here, now wouldn’t that be nice
To have more than money than you could ever spend
Dream on, dream on, we’re just chasing the rainbow’s end

Scratching out the numbers, one by one
Don’t know when I’ve ever had this much fun
Don’t rush me now, I need a steady hand

Oh my God, I think we hit it this time
We got all 6 numbers standing in a line
Yeah, sure… and I’ll be the Pope’s best man


Here’s another buck, I think I’ll try again
You know what they say.. “you never play, you never win..”
Some day’s you can’t win for losing, that’s a fact

Hey, I’ll see you tomorrow if the plant don’t close
Give a big squeeze to those kids of yours
And.. Hey! Don’t sell that winning ticket until I get back.


©2006 Sea Legs Music (BMI) All Rights Reserved