Yo Yo
When Everything Falls Apart

Patsy's Song

This is a song for my friend
You know who you are
And I hope you know what you mean to me
But just in case there’s some doubt
I’ll say it again for you now
Even though it’s so plain to see

That’s you good for me, you make me laugh
You listen to me when I’m feeling down
You stand by me when times are tough
You’re there when nobody else is around
You talk to me and though we disagree
You loyalty never switches
You humble me, you speak the truth
You tell me when I get to big for my britches

And I… I….. I… just want to thank you…. For being my friend

This is a song for my friend
You know who I am
And in spite of that you still stick around me
Life without you would be dull
Duller than dirt
Boring as the line at the D.M.V.

So sit right there & shut your mouth
When I compliment you, you can hear me out
You bring me joy, you earn my respect
Though sometimes I just wanna wring your neck
You’re more than a chum or a confidant
You’re just the kind of friend I want
You’re everything a friend should be
You’re more than that… you’re family…


©2006 Sea Legs Music (BMI) All Rights Reserved