Yo Yo
When Everything Falls Apart


It started with an apple, they just couldn’t leave well enough alone
Had to pick it off the tree, have it for their very own
Did they learn their lesson?  No no no they never did
They raised Cain and Abel, but Cain was a very bad kid
He and Abel were sharing the gift of God’s love
But he wanted it all so he gave his brother a shove
One thing led to another until he’d finally done the deed
Just the sad victim of another brother’s greed

Why does everybody have to steal from everybody elses
Pile when there’s enough for every body in the world if we just
Share a little bit of what we have with those in need it boils
Down to just a single word…   Greed

Time marches on, babies are born,
people living & dying, raising their rice & corn
but the kings and the emperors (and those with bigger axes)
demand a bigger & bigger portion of the crop as taxes
so the rich get richer and the poor get squat
same old, same old, yeah I hear ya’ saying “so what?”
so when the people are ground down so low that their babies can’t be fed
sometimes they say “enough!” – and it’s off with their heads.

Why do we with so much more of everything we ever needed
Feel the need to take from those whose work can barely feed their babies
Crying little bellies swollen SUV’s and tanks keep rollin’
Fueled by nothing more or less than ….. Greed


So here we are in the 21st century
and have we learned anything at all from history
I’d like to say yes but I’d have to say no
as I watch the population grow & grow
And everybody wants to take and nobody wants to give
When you have it all it’s easy to say “live and let live.”
But when your stomach’s empty and you hear your babies cry
You might be more inclined to “ live and let die”



©2006 Sea Legs Music (BMI) All Rights Reserved