Yo Yo
When Everything Falls Apart


Tie dyed shirt & dread lock hair – (hey California)
Spinning around with your arms in the air (hey California)
Dancing to the sounds playing in your head (hey California)
Like the Spin Doctors ___? And the Grateful Dead (hey California) 

Hey California where you been so long
I’ve missed your smile and I’ve missed your song
I could listen to your sweet voice all night
So hold me to the break of day
California, stay 

Incense sticks & Patchouli oil - (hey California)
You smell like you’ve just sprung up from the soil - (hey California)
Fire and water are our two signs - (hey California)
But we come together when the stars align - (hey California) 


Lying here with you in my arms
What can I possibly say or do
I got just one thought running through my head
How can I keep from losing you

©2006 Sea Legs Music (BMI) All Rights Reserved