Float Away


Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers
put them in his pocket and began to dance about
Pretty soon the peppers in  his pocket got so hot
they burned his skin and he began to whirl about

the more they got to burning, the faster he got turning
just a spinning, trying to put the fire out

All the people laughed & giggled
but they liked the way he wiggled
so they called the dance
the Peter Piper Polka 

First you pat your pocket, then you jump up like  rocket
and when you land begin to whirl all about
Spin just like a top, and then begin to jump &  hop
and if you feel like it, you even shout

Then wiggle while you're whirling
and don't you stop your twirling
until your little body's tuckered out 

Oh, that's the way you do it
there's really nothing to it
and they call the dance
the Peter Piper Polka

©2004 Sea Legs Music - BMI Affliiate - All Rights Reserved