Float Away


How’d you like to make some magic cookies,
It’s easy if you now the trick.
First you take a little this then you take a little that
And stir it with a magic stick

Ah, don’t forget to blow those magic kisses
That’s the most important part.
It’s those magic kisses
Magic kisses from the heart 

I think you need a little more honey and some chocolate sprinkles
A pinch of that nose of yours too.
Now some marshmallow creme and sprinkle on  some of that fairy dust,
There now, I think that’ll do., Oh but wait, wait, wait…..

Repeat Chorus

Vamp Over Verse

Mmmmm, those are smelling so good
What else do you think we need?
Mmm, huh… okay… maybe, but 

Repeat Chorus

©2004 Sea Legs Music - BMI Affliiate - All Rights Reserved