Float Away


Fluff up your pillow and snuggle all cozy
Look at you now, all chubby and rosy
Sweet little angel, let me sing you a song
Your eyes are drooping now, it won’t be long

Till you dream of the places you’ve never seen
Castles and mountains and meadows so green
Sail on an ocean of coconut cream
And float away on your dreams 

Land on an island of sparkling beaches
Fill up your tummy with mangoes and peaches
You can go on a journey without leaving your bed
Just close those sleepy little eyes and lay down your sweet head 

Drift off to dreamland and let your thoughts stray
Where ever you go, I won’t be far away
So hoist up your dream sail and call it a day
And float away on your dreams

©2004 Sea Legs Music - BMI Affliiate - All Rights Reserved