Float Away


La Cucaracha, La cucaracha, everbody knows his song
But the little cucaracha, he can never sing along 

Oh, the cricket he can chirp, the bullfrog he can burp
And the rooster crows his song at the break of day
The coyote he can howl, along with the hooting owl
But the cock-a-roach, he has nothing he can say

And when the snake, he starts to hiss, it causes him such bliss
He has to shake his rattle in delight
The ducks they quack and the geese honk back, and the mule begins to bray
And the quiet land starts to sound like a band, when they all begin to play 

One day the cucaracha was sitting with his muchacha,
He wanted so to steal her heart away,
When he had a brilliant thought, he scuttled down to the store and bought
An electric guitar and taught himself to play. 

Well he practiced every day until even the wolves had to say
Ow, ow, ow, that little bug can really wail.
Now when the symphony begins, they all ask him to join in
And so we have a happy ending to our tale. 

La Cucaracha, La cucaracha, everybody knows his song
And the poor little cucaracha, he can finally play along.

©2004 Sea Legs Music - BMI Affliiate - All Rights Reserved