Pride & Joy
I'll Be Fine


Half of my life went flying by before I even knew
I had so much to do, love was always #2

Not that I've never tried, I guess I've had my share
good people all who cared, but no one I could really talk to 

Is it too late to ask for someone to love me?
Is it too late to ask for someone to hold at night?
Did I wait too long, did I let my chance slip by?
Is it too late to ask for one more try

I guess it's really not so bad to think of growing old
with someone t here to hold, well that's what I've been told

I believe that everyone should have a chance to see
what true love can be, yeah what true love can be


Okay, so maybe I'm hard to life with
I know I'm not the world's most patient man
But isn't there some one out there
who will love me just the way I am?

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