Pride & Joy
I'll Be Fine


Tell me again how much you love me
and I'll pretend I never heard you tell me before
Tell me again how you love to hold me
I know you just did, but I need to be told once more 

You can never tell me too much
tell me over again, I don't mind
you can always tell me you love me one more time 

Tell me again how you love to kiss me
and when I'm gone how much you miss me
tell me once more you can't live without me
and how you adore everything about me Bridge
Could be insecurity -- a need that just compels me
could be it just feels so good everytime you tell me 

So tell me again how you'll never leave me
and all the reasons you really need me
Tell me again how you really love me
and how much time you spend thinking of me.

Repeat Chorus

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