Pride & Joy
I'll Be Fine


Don't try to cheer me up and smooth things over,
I'm just not in the mood.
If you want to be helpful, just leave me alone,
got out in the kitchen and fix yourself some food. 

Don't need patch it up, you don't need to fix it,
you don't need to worry that I'll spiral down.
I'm just gonna' go off in a corner by myself
and find something that I can kick around. 

And I'll be fine after while, I'll feel better.
Things will go on back the way they were.
Yes, I'll be fine, in the meantime... just write me a letter
if there's something you just gotta say,
but right now, just go away. 

If you open your mouth, you're just gonna make it worse.
Is that really what you want to do?
Now, just go on out and close the door,
just let me sit here a while and stew. 

REPEAT CHORUSDon't want to argue, I don't wanna' talk,
I don't want you to see me cry.
And NO, I don't need a hug right now
and please don't ask me why.

©2003 Sea Legs Music. All Rights Reserved