Pride & Joy
I'll Be Fine


Tonight I feel just like Amelia Earhart ,
looking for a place to land
just a piece of ground, big enough to set my wheels down
I don't need a welcoming band 

Suddenly it doesn't seem important anymore
what was I trying to prove any way,
that I could fly alone, that I could make it on my own
right now I only wish that I had stayed 

Half way to nowhere on a one way flight
lost and lonely in the middle of the night 

I'm in trouble and I'm going down,
I feel that I may never reach the shore
feel so far a-way, no one's answering my May Day
wish that I could talk to you once more 

Wish that I could see a light below me
wish I had you here to hold my hold,
Tonight I feel just like Amelia Earhart
lookin' for a place to land.

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