This Old Uke

Just an old ukulele, something to strum along
But it’s raised four generations of children with its songs
Carved from an ancient piece of koa in the old plantation days
It’s played songs by Alfred Apaka and songs by Willie K 

And as we pass this old uke on to you
Your Kupuna will be there with you too
Feel the mana in its strings, with every song you sing
Then let your own spirit come shining through.  They’ll be  a part of (you) 

Verse 2
I know it’s not much to look at it’s scratches and it’s stained
And on the back there’s a place where Tutu Kane carved his name
But that just shows how much  this old uke has been played
So just think of all the wonderful music that’s it’s made 

Verse 3
Your dad and I are  both so very  proud of you today
For being such a joy to us each and every day
And someday we hope that you can share the pleasure that we’ve known
And this old uke on to children of your own