It was like looking in a mirror when I looked into your eyes
I saw my love reflected and I stood there mesmerized
I couldn't seem to say I love you but you heard me anyhow
and if I had something else to say, well it's forgotten now
I was....

Spellbound by the love in your eyes
Spellbound, I just stood there mesmerized
I couldn't tell you how I felt, the words could not be found
I was, ohhh, Spellbound 

It might have been a minute or it might have been a year
the only thing that I remember was the pounding in my ears
I wanted so to touch you, but I couldn't lift my hand
wanted so to tell you, but you seemed to understand
that I was...

Repeat Chorus

Lost in a dream with no power of speech
searching for words that were just beyond my reach
you took me by the hand and then you led me like a child
as I began to find the words, you turned to me and you smiled
and I was....

Repeat Chorus