Words & Music by Peter McCabe (BMI)

A lot of things have happened since I last saw you
I tried to fall in love, and I guess you did too
But it's hard to rediscover dreams gone up in smoke
And it's hard to find a lover when your heart is broke

I'm just as sentimental as I was back then
your words bring out the romance in me once again
Tell me if the love we had was real for you
It's been a while but you still seem to feel the way I do 

Yes you've changed
But the well known fact remains
That somethings break all the rules and stay the same
Like the blue in the skies and the look in your eyes 

Closer together
After our saying our last goodbyes forever
Isn't it strange how two paths converge
and love surges up from nowhere
To find you just in time 


And if the past can't last forever
Let the future start tonight
Shining just as bright....
As the blue in the skies or the look in your eyes