Sometimes I let my mind go wandering to a time so long ago
I think about you almost every day although I know it's been years
The wind is blowing warm tonight, the stars are strung like jewels

I get so lost in my fantasy I can al-most be-lieve its so
The other night I had a dream so real I could taste the tears
What is it about the night that makes us all act like such fools

I wish I didn't have to wake up to what they call reality
I tried to write you a letter but the words were too hard to find
I get so damned sentimental, when I know I should be strong 

When the only thing that ever felt real was the love between you & me
I'd like to think you tried to write me too, that I'm still on your mind
But it's hard to find the strength anymore,   I've been lonely for so long