Where do we belong, if not with each other.
Can it be so wrong, could we find another love to give us more
of what we're both searching for. 

Tell me, where do you find a love to last a lifetime?
People spend a lifetime lookin' and never understand.
Where do you find a love to last forever?
Would you know it if you held it your hand? 

When I look at you, I think of all the times we've shared,
all that we've been through, depending on each other when no one else cared.
Can we find the door to take us back to where we were before?

Repeat Chorus

Maybe it's time for us to make a stand.
We can work it out -- or fall apart,
it's in our hands. 

But I believe we're strong, strong enough to bear our wounded pride
and if we just hold on time is bound to heal the hurt inside.
Let's make a pact
to move ahead and never look back.

Repeat Chorus

Maybe all the time you held it right there in your hand.