Verse 1
A subtle attraction, an obvious ploy
dropping her scarf to the ground
instinctive reaction the handsome young boy
gallantly bending down
Both of them playing their roles perfectly
each knowing just what to do
that's how it was when love was still brand 

Verse 2
How many lifetimes ago has it been?
How many hats have we worn?
Looking through pictures of our wedding day
we were but babes barely born
If someone had told us the heartaches ahead
we'd never have believed it could ever come true
that's how it is when love is still brand new 

Oh, when love is still brand new
you see life as it looks through a child's eyes
nobody cheats & nobody lies
lovers are faithful and true
when love is still......  when love is still brand new 

Verse 3
Trying to recapture an innocence lost
we find all the feeling we lack
after you've burned all the bridges you've crossed
how can you find your way back?
Still we keep trying, searching our hearts
for something to give us a clue
how it have it again...
how to keep it here...
how to find that feeling..
when love was still brand new