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This time you went too far
you crossed over the line you broke the camel's back
who do you think you are
you got a lot of nerve and that's a natural fact
there's nobody else to blame but you
you're the one who got yourself into
this mess,  so I guess you
gonna have to clean it up all alone
so don't start crying cause my heart is made of stone,
this time you're on your own

this is the final straw
if you're thinking its not, you better think again
you think you're above the law
well I'm the judge & jury and the verdict's in
everybody likes to give a person a break
but there's a limit to what I'm willing to take
from you, so we're through
pack your things and get 'em out of my home
and don't bother trying to call me on the telephone,
this time you're on your own