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I  never see you anymore
you just get home, I'm out the door
don't even get a chance to fight
you're working days, I'm working nights.
I never see you anymore.

I never see  you anymore miss the way we were before
I wish we had some time to talk, 
or just hold hands and take a walk
I never see you any more. 

We're both just trying to get ahead
Is this the price that we must pay
when I come home you're fast asleep
when I wake up you've gone away 

Victims of circumstance they said
two people trying to get ahead
but in the struggle to get more,
we lost what we were struggling for
I never see you anymore 

I know I've no right to complain
it's not your fault, no ones to blame
I just want you to understand
I'm not a solitary man

I never see you anymore
we won the fight, but lost the war
what good is trying to be the best
with no one there to be impressed
I never see you anymore

We never get a chance to fight
You're workin' days I'm workin' nights
I never see you anymore