Maui Recording Studio

We offer internships which include room & board for select individuals who have finished audio recording training programs. If you are interested in an internship, email your resume to and we will contact you. Below is information about our studio.

Sea Legs Studio is a MOTU Digital Performer studio run on a Dual PowerMac G5. Steve has been a prolific songwriter from the start of his musical career. At the point we were ready to record some of his songs, we decided to invest in recording equipment and learn the art of audio engineering, allowing us unlimited time to record his projects.

We've been recording for over 20 years, starting out on a Tascam 4 track, moving up to a Tascam 16 track, then on to two Tascam DA-88s and now to our current set up in Digital Hard Disk Audio. We also use a Mackie 8-Bus 24 Channel mixer with a nice complement of high-end mics.

While Sea Legs Studio is mainly reserved for recording our original material, we do occasionally take on projects that appeal to us. We prefer acoustic singer/songwriter projects.

Our rates are competitive and our studio is well equipped and very comfortable. Sea Legs Studio is located in upcountry Maui, set in the middle of 4 acres of rustic countryside.

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