Judi Riley is an artist and author of wonderful children's books. Judi needed a black & white display ad for her distributors. Judi designed the ad on the far left and was happy with the copy but wasn't happy with the design. She wanted something more child-like and whimsical. She said she had used hawaiian print fabrics as background but wasn't happy with the results. I first designed the center ad using hawaiian print as a frame. I then designed the ad on the right using the theme of the bed from her book. Judi loved the "Bed" ad - felt it offered the branding that she was looking for. You can learn about these books at tikitales.com
Judi's Rough Draft
My first design using the
Hawaiian fabric idea as a frame.
Final Design using the bed theme from the books
Tiki Tales - ad 1 Tiki Tales ad 2 Tiki Tales by Judi Riley Display Ad