A few business cards.... what's the use of having custom cards done if they're going to look like everybody else's?

I wanted to do something interesting in black & white.
The idea here was to sell "Maui" and fun!
Long time Maui resident, musician & realtor, Jon Melia recently moved to the East Coast. He asked me to create a business card with his new contact information. This is the property he bought back east. Almost makes you want to move, huh?
We chose the rose for obvious reasons... but changed the color to Rose's favorite color. When you get to know Rose, I think you'll agree this is the perfect card for her. And you couldn't be in better hands than in Rose's beautiful but capable hands....
Art Music Junction features the work of a very talented young metal sculptor, Will Evans. The card matches the web site for artmusicjunction.org. Do yourself a favor and visit Will's website